​​The Contributions of Flamenco to Ballet

The choreographic development of 
The Three - Cornered Hat 
throughout the 20th Century

PhD Flamenco Interdisciplinary Studies - Dissertation  Abstract

Artistic collaborations between flamenco and ballet have had positive results, short and long-term, in the evolution of these dance genres, their repertoire, and education programs. This dissertation analizes the collaboration of flamenco dance artists in internationally recognized ballet companies in the process of creating Spanish ballet repertoire connecting the impact these collaborations had on ballet dancers and choreographers in these companies and how this motivated them to include  Spanish dance studies in the ballet schools affiliated to the companies they eventually directed. The dissertation’s case study focuses on the impact flamenco dancer Félix Fernández had on the Ballet Russes, particularly on Léonide Massine, in the process of creating Le Tricorne, and follows the subsequent choreography and production of Spanish ballet and flamenco repertoire that he inspired.
Dissertation Chairs:
Dr. Cristina Cruces & Dr. Eulalia Pablo

This study follows the development of  the The Three-Cornered Hat ballet, focusing on the transcendence of Léonide Massine's choreographic trajectory. Based on Gabriela Estrada's MFA thesis, this edition in English and Spanish, presents the time line of the transformation of the story El Sombrero de Tres Picos by Pedro de Alarcón published in 1874, reflecting on the elements that contributed to its creative process. Through a chronological timeline, the work follows the choreographic evolution of The Three-Cornered Hat from the Ballet Russes original version premiered in 1919 through contemporary Spanish versions through 2009.
MFA in Dance
Thesis Chair:  Dr.  Nancy Ruyter

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